If anything, trinit.rhythm adds meaning to the word independent. Shying away from fads and fashion, our record label is home to any electronic music that’s innovative, danceable and mind-blowing, whether that be house, techno or anything in-between or far beyond. We love to explore and bend the genres, sharing musical gems with those who are moved by it.

Set up by Johannes ‘Janni’ Schubert and Samir Rothmeier in 2007, trinit.rhythm initially kicked off as the birthplace for releases of their own act, Trinit. A creative force, the Frankfurt based producers coupled their technical savvy and musical training on drum and piano with open minds. Their sound is a joint venture of everything they love, inspired by 80’s hip hop and wave, driven by the digital and analog techniques of today. Ever striving forward, learning from both past and future innovation in audio production, they’ve decided to make trinit.rhythm a place for everyone – rather than focussing on their own tracks. Since 2018, Trinit goes by the name of Strg X, and the label is open to all producer talents out there, ready to show what it sounds like to think outside the box.

trinit.rhythm wants to challenge both producers and listeners to widen their musical mindscape, exploring sounds that are fit for both clubbing and home listening. Escape into the music and let the melody take over, the bass be our pulse and sound - rather than the defining genre - be our guide.