Strg X


Hailing from Germany’s Frankfurt am Main area, Strg X is the joint venture of Samir Rothmeier and Johannes Schubert. Two music lovers with a compass that ever leads to outstanding, outside-the-box productions, explorers of the musical mindscape and label owners to trinit.rhythm, home to both their own tracks as well as those of other genre-bending enthusiasts. Always looking to find the perfect balance between techno, progressive and oldskool house, you’ll be moved by their sound - far beyond your feet.

Samir and Janni grew up in the same streets of Frankfurt city, and, as fate allows, met in the mid 90’s.The guys had a mutual taste in music and, fell in love with the roaring club scene of Frankfurt. It lit a spark, fuel to their need to experiment with sound themselves. Janni had mastered the piano and drums, and soon after, the boys decided to invest in Technics turntables and started an impressive techno vinyl collection. However, spinning other peoples’ records wasn’t enough. At the end of the 90’s, they bought their first equipment, an S760 Roland Sampler, and followed their heart and soul – open to any kind of sound, whether that was techno, minimal, house or progressive. Inspired by 80’s hip hop and wave and driven by the digital and analog techniques of tomorrow – their sound evolvedand matured. By testing, experimenting and learning, they improved their skills, all until they were ready to show the world the first Trinit originals.

Honouring quality over quantity, the guys released four 12” records, one album and a handful of digital only tracks throughout 9 years, all released on their very own trinit.rhythm label. In 2013 theytook a creative break, only to make their grand comeback in 2018 under the Strg X moniker. Both guys realised that their love for electronic music is never ending – and, as it goes, the studio equipment keeps calling. So, the originals ‘Aquene’, ‘Starchild’, ‘Commodore’, ‘Gamalan’, ‘Monster’ and ‘One of The Nights’ were born, and the Strg X journey continued. To this day, musical fusions andcross-overs are made, as two German producers try to move the hearts and trigger the senses of all music lovers with an equally open mind. With many more trips to come from the Strg X studio and trinit.rhythm label, it’s best to keep your ears and mind open – prepare to be amazed.

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